What we do

Zenith Datalab is a boutique market research company 
specialized in the South Korean food & beverage market. 

We can help our clients tackle their challenges, 

gain a deeper understanding of their consumers, 

and achieve successful penetration of the South Korean market. 

What we do

Zenith Datalab is a boutique market research company specialized in the South Korean food & beverage market.

We can help our clients tackle their challenges, and understand their consumer better while enabling them to cast anchor to the South Korean market successfully.

Smart and 
Specialized Data

Smart data is essential in a fast-changing business context. We deliver smart and specialized data for our clients to save their time and money.

  • Our Methodology :
    - Primary research: trade interviews, surveys, focus group interviews, store checks
    - Secondary research: Government statistics and reports, official data, company information, trade journals

  • Data we use :
    Our smart data is aligned with real-time market change. It is leveraged by market regulations and social and economic background. The information acquired from onsite manufacturers and retailers from the top 50 food and drinks companies in South Korea makes our data special and different.

Timely Innovation

Every innovation should be timely. One step behind, 
a step on the line, or too far in the future is not a smart and timely innovation.

  • New Products Database and NPD News in ZDL Blog will help our clients stay updated with the most recent products and trends in South Korea.

  • Market and Consumer Trend Reports will lead our clients to an authentic and strategic plan to make inroads into the South Korean markets for their future.

Inspiring Insight

K-food is gaining high popularity from global consumers. We deliver useful market intelligence to our clients to localize it to their business right away.

  • South Korean processed food market witnesses its busiest moment due to increasing numbers of new product development every week to live up to the high demands of millennials and Z generations for new flavors and formats.

  • K-food gains global attention for the first time. We provide insight into K-food features and its trend so that our clients can discover the best strategy to target their local consumers.