We live in a world where companies innovate faster  

and the product life cycle is shorter than ever before. 

With ZDL services our clients can get the big picture 

from one of the fast-changing countries 

for their today and tomorrow. 

Speciality of South Korea

We have a particular focus on processed food in South Korea offering in-depth analysis and onsite data.

Most up-to-date data

We provide the richest, fastest, and the latest data on new product releases, market trends and consumer trends.

Senior-level attention

We guarantee senior-level attention to all our clients through every stage of the process to make a successful business.

Multicultural manpower

We have a manpower of different cultural backgrounds and languages ranging from South and North America, Europe to Asia.

We can help our clients by providing:

  1. A product discovery solution with ZDL one-stop service for food sourcing from South Korea

  2. Expert-led market reports with insightful market analysis and the latest consumer trends
  3. In-depth, detailed and focused consulting in line with our client’s request 

  4. Fast product delivery service of the newly launched products within your budget

  5. Customized consumer survey targeting from local MZ generations to seniors

 Our Strategy

Deliver real-time information

Zenith Datalab is based in South Korea and we observe consumers closely, while keeping sight of every change in the market. We can provide fresh information and the latest trends on every new product launch, market regulation and consumer behavior.

Go beyond numbers 

Numbers are important in market research.   

But the fast-changing market environment and unpredictable consumers are hard to examine by numbers solely. We can answer our client’s request through understanding the background of versatile views.

Listen to on-site voices 

Every month we interview hands-on staffs in the top manufacturers and retailers in food and drinks. We listen to their voices carefully so that we can deliver an in-person market insight to our clients for them to understand the market context better.


We excel in:

Our speciality is deeply rooted by over 10-year observation of the Korean FMCG market. We can analyze new product development and consumer trends, while conducting market research of over 80 categories. We can also provide valuable insights and practical market outlook based on rapidly changing market environment. 

We are ready to help you grow your business.

  1. Localized Consulting
    - Finding business opportunity in South Korea
    - Targeted consumer research
    - Growing Network with manufacturers and retailers

  2. Product Trend analysis
    - New product development trend
    - Strategy for new product launch

  3. Package Trend Research
    - New packaging trend
    - Regulations of packaging

  4. Consumer Trend Research
    - Targeted Survey
    - MZ generation analysis

  5. Product Delivery
  6. - New products subscription 

  7. - Delivering products


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