What is 
ZDL New Products Database?

ZDL New Products Database provides food information about ingredients, allergy advice, nutrition facts, and product images for those unfamiliar with Korean products. ZDL New Products Database will ensure food safety to promote consumers' healthy lifestyles while allowing them to save time and money.  

What is
ZDL New Products Database?

ZDL New Products Database is designed to provide food information for those who are not familiar with Koreans. Food safety is important, so everyone should know about ingredients, allergies, nutrition facts, and content images before buying food. ZDL New Products Database will keep your healthy lifestyle while saving time and money.

Food Safety Journey just for you

Step 1. Discover

Find products that you are interested in from DB Stores

Step 2. Check

Verify ingredients, allergies, and nutrition facts are suitable for your diet

Step 3. Look

See detailed content images and package design of the product

Step 4. Know

Learn more about products such as flavors, texture, and recipes

Step 5. Buy

Decide to buy a product if everything is suitable for your diet