Diversify your product range 

with ZDL Product Discovery Solution

ZDL Product Discovery Solution

Explore the 3-step Food Sourcing Service from South Korea
  • Discover the newly launched products in line with the MZ consumers trends 
  • Review the most innovative product trends and industry news every week
  • Explore 34,250 products database including 22,349 food and 11,901 drinks
  • Receive high quality images of product contents with detailed information
  • Experience the newest product, the fastest at your hands
  • Get a free ZDL Korean Food and Ingredients Terminology 
Smart and Specialized Data

Acquire customized and differentiated data  of South Korean processed food

Timely Innovation

Receive the most up-to-date trends of FMCG products and MZ consumers

Inspiring Insight

Discover the best strategy from South Korea market intelligence to grow your brand